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Today I’m going to share with you a few blogging tips on how you can skyrocket your blogging career. First I will like to correct this notion that “blogging is all about writing”. Blogging is more than just writing. No matter how much you write or for how long you been writing, if no one knows your blog, it is simply a waste of time and resources (in my opinion).

Blogs spring up every day. We have millions of them all over the world. So, to make it in blogging, you’ve got to ensure your blog is known and adds value to your readers.
There are many ways you can do it which I will be sharing with you. So I have prepared these blogging tips to guide you.

Before I proceed further, let me give us a clear difference between blogging and writing (freelancing)In blogging, there is the need for you to tend to a variety of important factors and you have to be able to deal with the many and various management skills of a blogger whereas freelance writing is a more simple process.In freelance writing…