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How Dubai is integrating AI into everyday life

How Dubai is integrating AI into everyday life

How Dubai is integrating AI into everyday life

Could these young people have a future in developing artificial intelligence technology. Dubai is betting on it over the next eight weeks they're taking part in the region's first AI summer camp, more than 2,000 high school and university students have signed up for the information sessions organized by the government and delivered by global high-tech companies.

Tarek Saeed - IBM Middle East: I think it's a great initiative for Dubai. One of the biggest challenges today, in this field and other emerging technology fields is a talent in availability of talent. So for IBM, we're organization like IBM you know it is, it helps us acquire talent so as these you know young students learn and understand how to use this technology we'd be very happy to hire them.

OMAR AL OLAMA - Minister for Artificial Intelligence, UAE: We want to ensure that at least 1% of these we're going to suddenly I start up that's going to be the next Google or the next Facebook and it's possible so it's a win-win situation for us as a government and for these companies specifically.

Artificial intelligence involves machines that learn from data and Dubai is already developing innovative technology in this field from this police robot which is being fed data that will allow it to identify criminals on the city's most wanted list by 2020, or an online virtual assistant called "Rashid" which answers users questions about services across the city and can also be used to pay fines bills and learn how to set up a business, and virtual health pods performing scans that can provide results within minutes.

Abdul Aziz Al Jaziri - Deputy CEO, DUBAI Future Foundation: The iPod is a non-invasive fully automated machine that looks at all of your major vitals. They've been building it and assembling it in the UAE they look at bone density they look at respiratory things it's multiple different multiple vitals.

They plan to start rolling out these pods in malls and office box across Dubai later this year it's all part of a developing AI sector that global consulting firm Accenture claims by 2035 will contribute 182 billion dollars to the UAE economy.

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